(The good, the bad & the ugly)!

Hollywood Video
Canyon Park
Bothell, WA
(Update- Hollywood Video is now out of business. In addition to their obsolete
business model, practices like the one described below no doubt led to their demise)

I have been a customer of Hollywood Video for perhaps 20 years. I suspect a conservative guistimate of the money I've spent there during that
time would likely be around $1000. Admittedly, that's not a huge amount but it's not insignificant either, especially when you realize my video
rental business has been exclusively with Hollywood Video and not shared with other vendors over the years. My use of the Canyon Park
store covers only the last five or six years since we've lived in Bothell.

I received a phone call from the Canyon Park store a couple of months ago where I was informed that they had not received a movie back I had
rented about three weeks prior. I specifically remember returning that particular movie because I had to make a special trip and it was an
inconvenience because of other activities going on around that time. I informed the caller that I had indeed returned the movie. The person
said they could not locate it but that they would look again and he asked that I would do the same. I agreed and as a courtesy I checked to see
if perhaps the movie was still sitting on top of the DVD player and that I returned an empty box by mistake. As I already knew, there were no
DVDs belonging to Hollywood Video in my possession. I did not hear anything further from them so I presumed they must have found the
errant copy. A couple of months later a letter arrived in the mail from a collection agency informing me that my bill for $46 had been turned
over to them and that they were demanding payment under threat to do all sorts of nasty things to me.

Here's my complaint. I returned the movie but I can't prove it because once it goes down the night drop it's no longer under my control. They
say they didn't get it and they can't prove that either but that doesn't matter, I was still turned over to collections. I also was not given an
opportunity to pay for the missing video they can't prove I didn't return before they sent the bill to collections which, for the record, I would
have paid for, though you can bet I wouldn't have been happy about it. My record with Hollywood Video over the years will show there has
never been an issue with returning videos which I would think might be a clue that when I say I returned it, maybe, possibly, I was telling the

So, what am I going to do about it? Well, I have a bill from a collection agency demanding money. I can't prove I returned Hollywood Video's
property any more than they can prove I didn't, so I'm going to donate $46 dollars to their coffers. I will however, respond to what I believe is
their very foolish treatment of a loyal customer and a very poor and unjust business practice. I will never use Hollywood Video again and I will
tell anyone who asks me exactly why.

Outback Steakhouse
Canyon Park
Bothell, WA

I am not a regular customer of the Outback Steakhouse because its out of my price range. As a rule though, on those rare occasions I've
eaten there, I've always experienced the best food and service I could hope for. As a matter of fact, the best steak I have ever eaten in my life
was at an Outback Steakhouse in Fresno California.

In my recent experience with the Canyon Park Outback, my party and I happened to arrive during a busy time with about a 40 minute wait
ahead of us. Maybe 15 minutes into that wait, a waitress informed us there was a booth available in the lounge if we didn't mind being seated
there. We took her up on the offer and shaved over half hour wait time off! We placed our order, ate our appetizers and received our meals in
no time. My steak unfortunately, seemed to still be alive! I don't think even a steak ordered rare could have legally left the kitchen being that
undercooked. It was literally Cow Sushi! I informed the waitress and within moments the manager was at our table assuring us that everything
was being taken care of and even offered additional sides to make up for the mistake. And that's the point it was just a mistake and they are
bound to happen. I wasn't angry or causing a scene and I didn't expect the manager to be at our table apologizing. I just wanted my steak to
make the acquaintance of the grill for a few minutes! The class with which the Outback crew addressed this minor problem was stellar.

So, what does this all mean? Well, the Outback Steakhouse is still too expensive for me to be a regular customer but I can guarantee I will eat
there again AND I will gladly tell everyone who asks that I've now experienced both the best food AND the best service ever from this fine

Eastside Auto Care
17525 NE 67th Court
Redmond, WA 98052

Dave Matchett's Eastside Auto Care is a rare business in the industry... an auto repair shop you can really trust! We first discovered Dave
when we were researching options after catching our previous repair shop in a $7000 fib. Dave was working for another shop at the time and
we switched all our business fleet maintenance there after giving him a shot and being very impressed with his work. Eventually he struck out
with his own business and we followed him with all our personal vehicle maintenance. What distinguishes Dave and Eastside Auto Care from
all the other shops out there is not his mechanical skill, though he is a great mechanic. What gets him our business is his DIAGNOSTIC skill.
Anyone can fix a car but figuring out what the problem is in the first place... that's what distinguishes a Mechanic from a Diagnostician. And
believe me, when there's something wrong with your car, you want a Diagnostician, not a Mechanic who will trial and error his way through a
repair job at YOUR expense!

Besides skill, Dave has character... he is a character too... but the most important thing is that he won't gouge your eyes out with the bill and
you never have to worry about weather or not you really needed that repair. He will give it to you straight and that wins our recommendation.
So, if you need auto service and have neither the time or money to waste on a hack job, give Eastside Auto Service a call... you won't regret it!

Eastside Auto Care

17525 NE 67th Court
Redmond, WA 98052

Quicken Loans
If you have ever suffered through the mortgage process, you know what it's like to be left in the dark with fears, questions and
concerns on the status of your loan and even if your dream of home ownership will even come true. On my list of fun things to do,
a root canal without anesthetic ranks higher than enduring the mortgage process. That is, until we were introduced to Quicken

Quicken Loans pulled off the impossible by making the process not only painless but enjoyable. They updated us frequently on
the status of our loan and they made the process easy. Virtually every aspect was accomplished online and those that were not,
such as the appraisal, were set up by Quicken and the details for having the appraiser come out were easily handled over the
phone. We didn't even have to go somewhere for the closing. Our closing was in our dining room with a notary Quicken arranged
to come out at a time of our convenience.

Unlike the typical stress the loan process can bring, Quicken Loans made it easy... so easy there were times we forgot we were in
the mortgage process!

We've used Quicken Loans twice now and we will use them every time from now on. We highly recommend this fine company for
meeting your mortgage needs.


TLC Auto Care
11626 Slater Ave NE #6
Kirkland, WA
As most of you know, I am a loyal customer of Eastside Autocare but times come up where either time is of the essence or in the
case of a disabled vehicle, limited towing benefits or other factors may require a closer option. In such cases, what is one to do?
Mechanics are a dime a dozen but Automotive Diagnosticians are not, and ones with integrity are even harder to find.

In comes TLC Auto Care. They were recommended by a co-worker but it wasn't until I was faced with a disabled vehicle I needed
repaired within walking distance of my job that I decided to give them a try. And let me tell you, they had me in and out within 24
hours, and their work was great. I came away with full confidence in their expertise and integrity, and have no reservation in
recommending them. As with Eastside, they not only provided for my immediate service needed, but also provided a much
appreciated heads up on other items that may require attention in the future. And what I liked most about that service was that I
wasn't told I needed thousands of dollars in repairs NOW that could actually wait 6-12 months to be addressed. They simply shared
a few things to keep on my radar for the future. That's how you do business! So there you have it. TLC Auto Care. I recommend

Magic Toyota
21300 Hwy 99
Edmonds, WA

In my 40+ years of driving history, obtaining a new car has been a non-option. For some of that time it was financial but for even
more it was because of my mistrust and dislike of dealerships and salesmen. But following a spate of bad luck with used cars, we
decided to at least explore options in the new car market.

We visited Magic Toyota in Edmonds and were immediately greeted by Ziad Atoum, a member of their sales staff. We were quickly
set at ease with his low impact and low pressure approach to the entire process. And when I jokingly mentioned how nice it would
be if we could get two cars rather than one, Ziad not only took me seriously... he did what it took to make it happen!

My entire view of obtaining a new vehicle (or in this case two) has been changed and I'm actually looking forward to negotiating
two new cars again in a few years. Ziad and the team at Magic Toyota made the process painless and even enjoyable. They have
changed my view on buying only used. As a matter of fact, I may never buy used again!

My experience with Magic Toyota was great and I intend to be a repeat customer. I highly recommend them! Thank you Magic, and
thank you Ziad!