About Delta A Productions and ILM:
Welcome to Delta A Productions, a place where fun and musical expression are more important than technical expertise! Indeed, for over 15 years now, our
motto has been "Not for entertainment... mostly just for fun". And believe me, we have fun with just about everything. The name of our "imaginary" band, "ILM" is
a classic example.  

Some time back we encountered a young waiter at the Keg in Lynnwood. (I don't eat there anymore so I don't mind naming names)! Anyway, in addition to his
tip, we left a CD sampler of our music as a gift. After listening to it, he even called and left a message commenting on his impressions. In this direct quote he

"I'm a musician too, and this is probably the
worst music I've ever heard! I mean honestly... it's sooooo incredibly lame"!

I've never had any illusions of being particularly gifted musically, but his comments hit me hard none the less, so much so that I stopped writing songs or playing
instruments for two years.

There is a rebellious stubbornness inside me though, that hates arrogance and the tendency of some to disqualify or exclude others because for whatever
reason their just not good enough. And I especially feel that way when it pertains to music. Some of the most moving pieces I've heard have come from the
mouths and or hands of marginally skilled and marginally talented souls. Their music came from the heart and told stories that would have otherwise never
been known.

I thought of the young waiter and wondered how many others had their voices stopped through the discouragement of others. And then I decided I had been
quiet long enough.

As I dusted off my old studio gear I thought about our old "band name"... Misty Mirage. Yea... it was kind of lame and it never quite fit, but the young waiter's  
comments inspired me, and from them came our new "band" name... ILM for
Incredibly Lame Music!

ILM exists for two reasons. First, if you tell me "you can't", sooner or later "I will", just to prove I could. Second, I believe there are all sorts of people out there
the "experts" have belittled and convinced they have nothing to offer or share musically, and I want to show them that if someone as incredibly musically lame
as I can make music, so can they!

  • I believe hidden songs reside in the hearts of common people who have been discouraged by the "musical experts", and I believe this breaks the heart of
  • I sing with my untrained off key voice so other fearful and discouraged people will dare to release the songs inside them. I write my poorly structured sad
    excuses for songs to embolden timid writers harboring untapped treasures to overcome their fear and try.
  • I trust God uses my unlikely tunes, with their unlikely message, to reach the most unlikely people and accomplish the most unlikely things!

The music of ILM began as Contemporary Christian and later evolved to Contemporary Christian Folk. Today it's decidedly secular while maintaining it's deep
spiritual roots.
Want To Use My
If you would like to use any music authored by
myself (Andrew McNiece), shoot me an email at
for easy to obtain permission.

Please note, I can only offer permission for songs
I've written. Those authored by others and
contributed for use on my projects
may not be
copied or used  without the author's expressed
I can put you in contact with those
authors if you would like to request permission to
use their work.
Technically Incorrect
Songs From The Heart Of The House

Our first CD project featuring original works from Beckie McNiece,
Andrew McNiece and Stephanie Venturo. It's a rough work from a
technical perspective but the enthusiasm of the vocalists shines.
Equipment was limited in this production, as was our proficiency with the
equipment we had. Orchestration was minimal with piano taking the major
role. The flute was also introduced for the first time in this work. One
song, "His Love Endures Forever" was a deviation from the simplicity of
the other tracks. It featured our first attempt at full orchestration and each
segment was meticulously developed and timed. It became the forerunner
of future fully orchestrated works and remains one of the best. Many of
the songs were written as gifts to specific recipients, and a recurrent
theme, the use of children, had its debut on this album. Vocal contributors
to this 1999 work were:
Debbie Hamilton, Stacey Hamilton, Tony
Hamilton, Kelli Hamilton, Stephanie Venturo, Melissa Hall, Tarryn
Brand, Jenna Brand, Beckie McNiece and Andrew McNiece
Spontaneous Combustion

This was the first of two albums produced in 2000. After the
success of "His Love Endures Forever", a complex song from our
first album, author Andrew McNiece decided to experiment with
the orchestration capabilities of our system. Most of the songs
were written in the first few months of 2000 and to date, only two
have had lyrics added. This album provided a wonderful
opportunity to experiment with and learn the higher capabilities
of the Cakewalk software used to create the orchestration.
Bagpipes made their debut on this album and proved especially
difficult to play. For fun, the name "Misty Mirage Orchestra" was
adopted for the instrumentals of this and subsequent albums.
The primary purpose of this album was to see how far we could
go technically and what our limitations would be. The skills
learned in the production of this album laid the foundation for
future works and it is distinguished as our first fully instrumental
CD. All but one of the songs were authored by
Andrew McNiece.
Chosen Family

Produced in 2000, this was our second vocal album and our third
overall. Using techniques learned from the production of
"Spontaneous Combustion", enhanced orchestration provided a
backdrop for new techniques used for the vocals. Experiments
with reverb, voice doubling and harmonization produced an
enhanced end product. Vocal timing issues continued to be a
challenge but overall this album represented a marked
improvement over our first effort, "Technically Incorrect". The
opening song was an adaptation from a track taken from Star
Trek TNG. Stephanie Venturo contributed one song but was
unable to attend the recording session. All the other tracks were
authored by Andrew McNiece. As with "Technically Incorrect",
some of these songs had been written as gifts. Vocal contributors
Faith Russell, Peter Russell, Bethanie Russell, Sarah
Russell, Beckie McNiece and Andrew McNiece.
Walk Across The Floor

Produced in 2001, this album includes elements that are
becoming trademarks in this series. Orchestration is more
highly developed than in earlier works and include
enhancements in  brass, flute and bagpipes. Vocals were
much tighter than in previous works and once again,
children were incorporated in the production. Two public
domain songs were used, along with two contributions from
Stephanie Venturo... a HomeMade Music veteran. The
other songs were written by Andrew McNiece. Vocal
support was provided by
Rachael Brown, Stephanie
Venturo, Faith Russell, Bethanie Russell, Sarah Russell,
Tatianna Bennett, Beckie McNiece and Andrew McNiece.
When I Grow Up

A collection of the best instrumentals from all our albums to date. It is
our second all instrumental work. Produced in 2002.
Baby Song Trilogy

Our first album designed for sale. It is
comprised of three baby/children's songs
and is intended as a gift item for new
parents. Produced in 2002.

Our production for 2002, these songs are
expressions of the bonds of friendship
through music. Some are written to
individuals facing pivotal circumstances in
their lives... some to celibrate joyous
occations... others simply to express
gratitude for the friendship they've
extended to us. All are ment to warm the
Thanks For The Time

All new equipment and an all new sound,
"Thanks For The Time" ushers in a new
direction for HomeMade music away from
Contemporary Christian Music to
Contemporary Christian Folk! If you've
heard our music before and think you
know what it's all about, think again, this
album is different! Produced in 2003.

This album is a hearts cry for right
relationship with the Lord, addressing
concepts of sin, failure and the
redemption that comes only from
God. It was created in the "new style"
that is now becoming the Misty
Mirage standard! Produced in 2004.
Produced in 2007. For the first time since regular
CD production ended two years ago, HomeMade
Music has released an all new album. With it's
country flavor and gospel folk twist, it represents
some of our best technical work. We especially
want to acknowledge the contribution of Ian
Cameron from E-Fiddler.com, whose violin pieces
added that country flavor we sought and also
Michael McNiece, who not only wrote one of the
songs, but also lent his guitar expertise on three
of the tracks in this first ever father-son music
project. Should any CD's be cut in the future, we
hope to hear more of Michael's distinctive style!

Released in 2005, Joint Vendure was
composed of offerings from Gerina Goeth,
Jim Sorenson, Faith Russell and Andrew
McNiece. The contributions from Gerina
gave it an international flavor with two sound
tracks being sung in German. Joint Venture
was the last regularly produced album by
HomeMade Music.
Do You Have Peace
First of the Salvage series and produced
in 2008. This album was made in two
formats, "Comentary" and Studio". The
Comentary version was made as an
outreach giveaway product. The album
features a live clip from the Living Hope
Worship Team Band and two new songs...
"The Stone Was Rolled Away" by Andrew
McNiece, 2008 and "Yeshua" by Debbie
George, also 2008.
Violin Support by Ian Cameron.
2009 mark's ILM's 10th year of musical mayhem.
To commemorate the occasion we present "Then
From Heaven", our 10th annaversary album. In the
tradition of Christian Country & Folk, this album
opens with a tribute to the 27 people who have
participated in our projects over the past decade.
This album features works from Andrew McNiece,
Lisa McNiece and Debbie George. Beckie
McNiece made a special appearance with vocal
support. Michael McNiece lent his talent on the
bass and electric guitar. Ian Cameron was the
album's violinist.
ILM wishes to thank all
of those who
participated in our music
projects over the last 10
years and
acknowledges them
here with heartfelt

Jim Sorenson
Eina Kunz
Debbie Hamilton
Stacey Hamilton
Tony Hamilton
Kelli Hamilton
Stephanie Venturo
Melissa Hall
Tarryn Brand
Jenna Brand
Faith Russell
Peter Russell
Bethanie Russell
Sarah Russell
Tatianna Bennett
Rachel Brown
Gerina Goeth
Ian Cameron
Debbie George
Beckie McNiece
Michael McNiece
Lisa McNiece
Dawn Kingsbery

Selected members of

Living Hope
Community Church
Worship Team Band

Erinn Maddox
Matt Maddox
Jami Troy
Ian Hardy
Gabe Mc Farland
Simple Worship is both a step backward
and a step forward in ILM's evolution. It's a
step backward in that it uses only very basic
guitar strums supported by simple bass and
drum accompaniment. It's a step forward in
that it features music specifically written for
use in a church worship setting. As the title
suggests, the songs are simple and
composed to illicit an attitude of worship in
the participants. Produced in 2010.
Sandpaper Worship is a collection
of live recordings from three different
church's Andrew has had the
opportunity to lead worship in. The
recordings are rough but the hearts
are solidly focused on honoring God
in this simple and technically flawed
production. Produced in 2010.
International represents a second joint venture between
Gerina Goeth and Andrew McNiece, featuring Gerina's
professional class vocal skills supported by Andrew as
backup. Produced in 2010, this album is all in German!
HIMZ is another deviation from
ILM's tradition of using
"home-grown" music. In this
project a collection of hymns
were rewritten in the hope of
infusing them with new life. It's
very basic and scaled down
similar to Simple Worship.
Produced in 2012.
Holiday Child is ILM's debut
migration away from "Christian"
music, and it's first secular
Christmas Album! It's a short set
made of three songs. The
opening song is "Gloria",
borrowed from the HIMZ album.
The title song, "Holiday Child"
was inspired by the real life
childhood experiences of a friend,
and "It's For Everyone" is an
encouragement to remember
those easily forgotten during the
holiday season. Produced in 2012
Strings Attached is ILM's second
secular album and our first
collection of love songs. Intended
as a short collections of songs
every man should sing to his
"Special Someone", it is a
significant deviation from our usual
subject matter. The opening song,
"Never Imagined" was a
collaborative effort between Dawn
Kingsbery and Andrew McNiece
and was our very first work to be
officially copyrighted. "A Beautiful
Love" was a collaborative effort
between Deidre Martin and Andrew
McNiece. Produced in 2013.
No! is ILM's third secular
album. This three song set
deals largely with issues of
child abandonment and the
questions that rise from it in
adult life. The closing song,
"Are You Listening" was a
collaborative work between
brother and sister, Ariba
McNiece-Casey and Andrew
McNiece. Produced in 2013.
Secular Music....
with deep spiritual roots!
Spirit's Flight - New for 2016, slated for completion in
spring/summer. Spirit's Flight will be a new kind of different, breaking a
three year hiatus and bringing with it a combination of refinement and
simplicity in this flute-centric ILM expression of the heart.