Beckie and Andrew completed the Elijah
House Basic School of Prayer Counseling
in 1999. They subsequently assisted as
Instructor's Aids in a second class.
After that they maintained a busy
counseling schedule for over a year.
Today they provide lay-counseling
services on a "request" basis.

Elijah House holds at the core of it's teaching the
concept of inner healing. Simply put, inner healing is the
process of tracing negative fruit in our lives to their
corresponding roots. Typically, roots involve violations
of God's laws, such as those dealing with honoring
father and mother; not judging lest we be judged or
sewing and reaping. Once the roots are discovered,
forgiveness is often central to the healing process.

A pre-counseling questionnaire is available
at link below. It can be printed out and
completed prior to your first appointment.

Information about waviers, fees,
confidentiality and related topics are
available at the designated link.
Contacting Us

We are located In Bothell,
Washington, 15 miles north of
Seattle. We can be contacted by
email at:
Waviers, Fees,
Confidentiality And
Related Topics

Limited counseling is available
by email. To discuss issues
and options, you may contact
us at:
Lay-Counseling Services